About us

9LivesData, LLC is a software R&D company based in Warsaw, Poland. The company mission is to deliver advanced software research and development services to international clients. It is an independently-owned and staffed with 45 highly skilled consultants holding advanced CS degrees who are responsible so far for over one million lines of enterprise production code.

9LivesData is not a typical offshore company, because our value to clients is based not only on cost savings of offshore development, but also on our unique skills, experience and development process which let us offer our clients highly-specialized R&D services at competitive rates.

We value engagements that are not routine, but instead demand creativity and ingenuity. Frequently, during an engagement we produce an important intellectual property for our clients, as documented by multiple US patents, as well as scientific publications in the most prestigious journals and conferences. Please visit Achievements section for a list of patents and publications co-authored by our consultants.