HYDRAstor, the only deduplication system with variable chunks, global inline deduplication and full index on the market

JOAO PAULO and JOSE PEREIRA classified over 30 deduplication solutions
in their article "A Survey and Classification of Storage Deduplication
Systems" (ACM Comput. Surv. 47, 1, Article 11 (May 2014)). Authors
defined six criteria that correspond to key design decisions:
granularity, locality, timing, indexing, technique, and scope. HYDRAstor
is the unique solution for both archive and backup, which combines most
powerful concepts:
* variable size chunks to improve effectiveness
* no restrictions about duplicates locality
* inline deduplication
* full index of chunks (Distributed Hash Table)
* global architecture (global aliasing of duplicates; node and disk
level resiliency)

Beyond that, recent features and research areas of HYDRAstor match
current trends:
* multi-tenancy (for backup cloud providers)
* high reliability, including site level resiliency with WAN optimized
* filesystem access allowing random I/O operations (NFS, CIFS, Express
I/O FS), one step further than archive and backup solutions

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