NEC Launches Fourth Generation HYDRAstor® - Highest Performance Global Deduplication

The new fourth generation HYDRAstor® delivers:

  • A lower footprint with new Hybrid Nodes versus Accelerator Nodes
  • 4.9 TB/hr of throughput (standard) per Hybrid Node
  • 5.6 TB/hr of throughput (OST Express I/O) per Hybrid Node
  • 48 TB of raw capacity per Hybrid Node or Storage Node
  • 625 TB of effective capacity per Hybrid Node or Storage Node
  • Greater than 900 TB/hr aggregate throughput in a single 165-node system
  • Greater than 100PB effective capacity in a single 165-node system


9LivesData contributed to this release as an owner of 3 core software components.
With the significant architectural enhancement we got the chance
to achieve new level of performance and data density.

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